Founded on strong grounds, GRE is the fruit of the vast experience the Nesr Family acquired over three decades, in addition to their well-known integrity, panoramic vision, and endless commitment to excellence in the establishment of this multinational corporation.

Investing in a diversity of fields ranging from the export and import of goods, commodities, fragrances, and cosmetics, to the development of projects in the industrial, pharmaceutical, hospitality, and several other fields, we operate with one goal in mind: to make a difference in our consumers’ lifestyle. Our priority is to meet our consumers’ daily needs by providing them with products of the highest quality and services of exceptional standards.

Today, GRE succeeded in reaching millions of customers around the globe. Our dedication and reliability carried our reputation to various countries and continents such as Africa and Latin America where we set foot and set out on new challenges.

With our solid principles and wide knowledge, we aim to build an everlasting path of achievements and development for our company, where we plan on always bringing the right brands for our consumers to keep up with the pace of advancement and satisfy their growing demands.



"Build a solid and diversified network of business entities, that maintain a significant and influential impact on the economical structure of their countries"


"Form a strong presence in the 4 continents within the new world's economical system"